Le Salon de la Fumée


Role: Set and costume designer, co-deviser and performer.

Presented as part of VCA (Victorian College of the Arts) Dramaturgy for Live Performance (DLP) showings.

October 2015.

Venue – Studio 45, VCA, Melbourne.

Nicholas Connelley, Chris Fieldus, Laura McAloney, Anna Molnar, Daniel Moulds and Benjamin Nichol united as Culture Clash to create a short performance that explores salon culture, avant-garde art and the restrictions placed upon artists by societies. The collaborating team experimented with transferring the cubist form to live performance, then explored the creation of a world, characters and narrative through the concept of a transhistorical salon where the bourgeoisie, bohemian and serving classes collide. Through the use of diegetic sound, abstract movement and tableaus, Culture Clash created a piece with both a heightened visual aesthetic and performance style. Whilst the questions that drove the work shifted as the process unfolded, what held the process together and will possibly drive it forward for further development has been the team’s embrace of a highly collaborative and organic devising process, and a willingness to embrace alternative ways of creating theatre.


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