Butch Masters: Man of Destiny

Set Designer.

A play by Jamie Burgess. Directed by Dirk Hoult.

Presented as part of Midsumma Festival.

January 2016.

Venue – The Alex Theatre.

In the spirit of The Book of Mormon, Little Shop of Horrors and Rock of Ages comes a new musical comedy that promises to deliver the happy ending Midsumma audiences deserve!

Cast from a pool of out-and-proud professional and emerging musical theatre performers (and their female allies!), Butch Masters: Man of Destiny tells the story of Butch, a young straight man born into a gay world with a destiny to ‘challenge the establishment’ and start a sexual revolution!

Set to an epic original soundtrack (unashamedly influenced by 80’s power ballads and Disney musicals), Butch becomes the leader of the Female Appreciation Guild, taking his faghags on tour and confronting the ruler of the free-fertalisation movement, the maniacal villain(ess) Bea St. Lea.

Of course it wouldn’t be any kind of musical if there wasn’t a love story, an attempted murder, a flash-mob, a sexy chorus-line and a live birth or two… so it’s all there, everything you could possibly want for a night out with the girls.

If you love South Park, or the humour of Amy Schumer, then bring your tissues, because you’ll probably get messy, Butch Masters: Man of Destiny is a fun, edgy comedy musical from celebrated writer/composer Jamie Burgess. Warning this show contains nudity, strong language, skimpy costumes and great songs! You will leave the theatre humming something Butch!


IMG_0315Production photography by Dean ArcuriIMG_0178IMG_0449Costume design by Polly Filla (Brian McLean)IMG_1008IMG_0940


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