Mr Naismith’s Secret

Role: Set Designer

Presented by TBC Theatre in conjunction with Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust

A new work written by: H. Clare Callow

Devised by: TBC Theatre
Directed by: Leighton Phair

It’s 1892, and Mr Edward Naismith, chemist, has invited Melbourne’s elite to his house for the announcement of his engagement. But in this house lie secrets: some harmless; some disturbing; some fatal. How many will you uncover?

An immersive, interactive drama staged at Melbourne General Cemetery’s Gatehouse.
As part of the interaction, audience members explore the house’s rooms as the drama unfolds.

October 2016.

“…a highly enjoyable piece of theatre that challenges and changes the role of the audience.” (Theatre Press)

“Innovative in concept and slick in execution, Mr Naismith’s Secret is an experience unlike any other.” (Australian Stage)

“Designer Daniel Moulds’ use of lighting, especially the contrast between the coolly lit rooms downstairs and the moody lighting on the second level, made each excursion to a bedroom or a study feel both like a new world and part of the same story. The sparse use of furniture and props is to be commended, as well. There are things to read and to see, if you look; but there are times when you don’t want to be distracted from the performers.” (Keith Gow)



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