The Removalists

Role: Set & Costume Designer

Presented by Baker’s Dozen Theatre Company

Written by David Williamson

Directed by Lara Kerestes

Metanoia Theatre, The Mechanic’s institute, Melbourne.

November  2016

Power, sex and violence; David Williamson’s AWGIE winning play THE REMOVALISTS is an investigation into the ugliness that lies within. Williamson’s play tackles issues relevant in today’s climate of police violence, domestic violence and our search to discover our own cultural identity. THE REMOVALISTS digs at the heart strings of our human relationship with violence as we go on a journey to reveal the beast within.

“The play quite knocked the stuffing out of the audience. Watching The Removalist is an intense experience.” (Weekend Notes)

“The stage setting and props mainly in white let the darkness of the story stand out.” (Lisa Romeo – Stage Whispers)

“Whilst I am a bit bored of the ‘white box ‘ school of design and it all seemed a bit pristine to me, I did like Moulds’ reference to the boxing ring floating in a sea of blackness” (Samsara – What did she think?)

“The stage design by Daniel Moulds was particularly clever in that with a few small interchanges it served brilliantly as both an office in the first half and then later as an apartment with the removalist able to realistically shift furniture shaped objects around. The use of projected images, especially those involving innuendo and sexual violence against women cemented the play’s powerful message.” (Weekend Notes)

IMG_5698IMG_1044IMG_1056IMG_1386IMG_1325IMG_1206IMG_1128IMG_1424 (2)


Lighting Design by Jake Jobling

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